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expungement attorneys in Evansville, Indiana

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Expungement Attorney in Evansville

Are you looking for an expungement attorney? If you’ve been arrested, charged, or convicted of a crime, your criminal history may be a matter of public record.  Potential employers can access your criminal history, and most job applications will require you to disclose past convictions before the first interview.  However, you past doesn’t need to influence your future.

Expungement or Modification may help you:

  •       Secure better employment
  •       Secure public housing
  •       Affect your gun rights
  •       Gain the peace of mind that your past won’t be used against you
expungement lawyers in evansville can help you clean up your past.

Don’t let the past dictate your future.

According to Indiana’s expungement law, many individuals with criminal records can now move forward with a clean slate.  You may have the right to impose limitations on who can access your criminal history, and may not be required to disclose charges or convictions that have been expunged.  If you have a single “D” felony or “Level 6” conviction, you may even be eligible for a modification of sentence to a class “A” misdemeanor.

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